Sports Facilities

Our institution prides itself on its exceptional sports infrastructure, nestled within a vast campus that houses more than ten designated zones for a variety of indoor and outdoor sports, thereby embedding a strong sports culture within our educational environment.

Multipurpose Indoor Hall

This arena is a hub for multiple gymnastic disciplines such as Artistic, Rhythmic, Trampoline, Tumbling, Aerobic, and Acrobatic gymnastics. Our institute has gained recognition for organizing FIG Academy Level one for coaches by International Gymnastics federation (FIG) and also organizing state-level gymnastic events, in partnership with the Government of Gujarat and the National Gymnastics Federation.

Cricket Field

The Mota Fofaliya Cricket Ground (MCG) spans 3 lakh sq.ft. and meets international standards with five turf wickets, ready to host state and national tournaments. It has been the venue for significant BCA matches.


Two courts provide excellent facilities for tennis enthusiasts, with renowned coaches and trainers offering their expertise.

Basketball and Volleyball Courts

Four courts with dedicated lighting cater to the popularity of basketball and volleyball, encouraging students to pursue these sports.

Hockey and Football Grounds

Natural turf grounds are available for both hockey and football, widely used for training and competition.

Archery Range

Our archery range embrace the spirit of archery, where history and modernity meet to create a unique and inclusive environment for all, which offers to all age group an authentic traditional wooden longbows and arrows. In addition to our classic equipment, we also provide modern-day gear and targets to suit the preferences of contemporary archers.


The Multi-Gym is outfitted with the latest equipment to support optimal kinesthetic development.

Practice Golf course

A picturesque 3-hole practice golf course is designed for novices, offering a serene environment for students to indulge in golf for leisure and potentially, as a future career path.

Rollar Skatting Rink

Our 75-meter concrete roller skating rink is not only a venue for competitive skating but also serves as a means for students to enhance their physical fitness.

Sports camps

We regularly organize and conduct various sports camps and Intensive Coaching Camps supported by the sports Authority of Gujarat, Government of Gujarat and concerned sports associations.